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Pheasant Hunting

Dec 11 pt 10-123

A portrait of a pheasant hunter in Central Wisconsin.

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When I was in Portland

Portland Middle 1

I took two trips to Portland within a month. These are photos from the trip.

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The Green Wave

april 11 pt 13-6

Marijuana is now officially legal in Colorado. These are some photos I took while visiting in 2011. I was there during the height of the recession and most of the people I met were either directly employed by the medical marijuana economy or enjoying the benefits of the cash infusion it brought to the state: […]

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In the Garden

August 11 pt 6-0149

A young couple finds a quiet moment in a garden.

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A Man Plays His Violin

20120707_July pt 02_-5

A street musician plays his violin near Lake Michigan.

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