Carolina Road Trip

This was a road trip my girlfriend and I took back in 2009. We drove straight from Chicago to Pigeon Forge Tennessee which has the notable distinction of being not only the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains but also the home of DollyWorld. We missed out on Dollywood to go hiking in the mountains; a decision I still regret to this day. After the Smoky’s we stopped over in Asheville and crashed with some fellow couchsurfers. They were an awesome punk couple who had a penchant for all things Halloween and a 3 legged dog. (If you are not a couchsurfer yet you should be.) Asheville is also home to Rosetta’s Kitchen, one of the best vegan restaurants I have ever eaten at. I’ve heard alot of people refer to Asheville as the San Francisco of the South. I think that might be a reach but it is definitely an awesome little city with its own vibe and I always look forward to my next visit there.

Then we spent a couple of days in Charleston with awesome family and friends. Southern hospitality is no joke and neither is shrimp, grits and gravy. Absolutely delicious. Got a chance to see my friend Elise Testone perform at a bar that had a wall full of boozefilled slurpee machines. She has since upgraded venues to prime time TV and is competing on American Idol.  Charleston may be a small city but its natives know how to play, drink, eat and party with the best of them. Chicago in the winter, as mild as this year may be, makes me long for holding a koozie wrapped ice cold bud while watching the palm trees blow in the salty breeze.




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