Making the Sauce

Making the Sauce from Sean Costin on Vimeo.

I recently completed a photo / video project for COOP Sauce. See the whole project here.

“COOP Sauce is a Chicago based artisan hot sauce maker founded by Mike Bancroft. They craft all their sauces in small batches from hand picked ingredients sourced straight from farmers in the midwest. All of the recipes are hatched from Mike’s very own imagination utilizing techniques including fermentation and barrel aging.”

If you like hot sauce, try it when you see it!

show hide 2 comments Bravo! Kudos to Mike Bancroft and everyone at COOP Sauce for bringing a quality line of hot sauces to the community and giving his first hand story in a personal way. Kudos to Sean Costin for his visual work. The video captures the hot sauce making process perfectly. Great angles, close ups, and B roll keep the pace of the video moving. We want a few bottles!

Jim at Bravo! Well done piece. Congrats to Mike Bancroft for bringing what looks like a quality line of hot sauce products to our community. His first hand story telling is personal and great. Kudos to Sean Costin for the visuals. The angles, cuts, and B roll keep the hot sauce making process moving along. We want to try COOPs hot sauce!

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