Anonymous vs. Scientology

Did you know there’s a Church of Scientology in Chicago? It’s on Lincoln just east of Belmont. In January 2011 the Church lost a court case that would prohibit protesters from demonstrating within 150 feet of their doorway. You can learn more about the details of the case in the original Chicago Tribune article. As of now the ruling has been overturned and the Church has lost the case. For some interesting background information including interviews, essays and legal documents on L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, click here.

These protesters are with the group Anonymous and are working to take down the Scientology organization. However, their goals are not just limited to dismantling the Church of Scientology. Recently they have taken credit for hacking into the website of Stratfor Global Intelligence. This was a major lapse in online security by a company routinely supplying intelligence and security information to departments of the US government. VentureBeat wrote a great article titled the “10 things you need to know about Anonymous’ Stratfor hack”.

Also, in a bizarre twist the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology have become allies. Read more about these strange bedfellows here.

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blackdaylight Interesting…I was just talking about how crazy scientology is with someone a few hours ago. I randomly stumbled on some books & dvds about scientology that I thought wouldbe so funny 2 read & watch, but I have yet 2 waste the time…if anyone wants the books & dvds give me a shout, but u have 2 promise not 2 ever join the “church”

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